She sighed as he sucked and lashed with his tongue, first one, then the other and sucked them so hard she thought for a moment they'd pop. He was enthusiastic but a little rough. She asked why he was in such a hurry and suggested he slow down, titillate, don't eradicate she implored. He settled into a better rhythm, a little slower and watched how she responded.

He rolled her on the bed as he removed her shirt and bra. He shaped her breasts in his hands and moved them around, kissed them, licked and sucked. The bumps on her areolas fascinated him, their chaotic placement and strange prominence. He lifted her breasts to feel their weight and examined their under sides. She giggled and hoped it was all on cam.

He progressed down and undid her belt, button and zip. She lifted as he slid her jeans and panties down and found her slit. She couldn't help but think how good it would look on cam as he pulled her apart and examined. His fingers delved and he licked and sucked.

"I wish I could have a picture," he whispered and she laughed. If only he knew, and the computer went "ping" again with more money. She spread her legs as wide as she could and with two pillows under her head she watched. She gave him hints as to what he could do. She was so wet and he discovered it to be viscid as he stretched strings and watched them snap. "Ping!" The dollars were coming in.

He stretched out her labia and watched them as they retracted. Two fingers, three, inside her, thank goodness he didn't try four. She told him to gently stretch it and soon he'd fit five- but not his whole hand. His hands were big, like his cock.